The Angel's Story, Continued

Great Rescue Mission!

The night had arrived. The King of glory would become a human baby. He would enter the domain of planet Earth to rescue humans.

Angel's had revealed the time of this event to prophets, so surely those humans would be expecting the appearance of the Deliverer. Surely there would be a great joyful shout upon the earth. At least in the land where the scriptures were known. But there was nothing.

A large group of angels hovered over Bethlehem waiting to announce to earth the glorious news and join with the humans in singing a song of victory and hope. With amazement they saw that earth was not interested in deliverance. Not even in Jerusalem, where the prophesies were stored, and the temple services were daily pointing to the great rescue mission— No one was expecting Him! They were more interested in money, power, and honor, than in being rescued. Oh, they wanted some help with immediate problems, like freedom from Romans, but they were not really interested in being rescued from sin.

Were there no humans anywhere, anticipating the coming of the great Commander of heaven?
None at all?
AHH— over there on a hill, some poor shepherds. Simple, basically uneducated folk, but they were longing for the promised Deliverer.

To these humble shepherds an angel announced the grand news. Then the whole sky lit up as all the waiting angles burst into glorious song. They could contain themselves no longer. Filling the sky with heavenly glory and praise. "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."

Quietly they continued to watch as their Commander lived for 33 years as a human, among humans. With horror they watched the enemy seek repeatedly to kill Him, to make life miserable for Him, to tempt Him, torment Him and finally kill Him. In amazement they watched as the humans whom He had come to rescue, mocked and persecuted Him. In awe they watched as their Commander patently fulfilled all the requirements of the rescue mission, even to the spilling of His blood and breaking of His heart.

But then, with a mighty flash of light from heaven itself a mighty angel descended and called the Commander to come out of the tomb. Christ rose triumphant. What unspeakable joy filled all heaven as they welcomed their Commander back into heaven. Escorting Him though space and into the heavenly temple. They were so overwhelmed with love and joy they couldn't stop singing. "Worthy, worthy is the Lamb that was slain. Thou art worthy, O Lord to receive glory and honor and power.10,000 times 10,000 and thousands and thousands of angels welcomed and honored Him. They stood ready to serve, as Christ, their beloved Commander began His new work in the great rescue mission. The work of applying His blood in the cleansing and forgiving of repentant humans.

Once again the angels were busy hurrying back and forth from heaven to earth, helping humans like Paul, Peter, and John spread the good news that the enemy was defeated, humans no longer needed to be hostages to the enemy. They can be free! All who give their full allegiance to heaven's Commander can have their sinful record wiped clean and their sinful lives transformed! It was a grand message of deliverance and for a while many humans grasped it like drowning men grasp for the saving hand.

But not for long, for the enemy was furious. He knew he was defeated, but he also knew that as long as he could keep a human from responding to the heavenly Commander, he could yet keep that human as his hostage. The enemy determined to keep as many humans as he possibly could control as his hostages. He has a million methods to chain humans in his miserable dungeons of sin and keep them from responding to the loving heavenly rescuer. His deceptions are tailor made to fit every situation; no matter if the human is overworked or has too much leisure, is a pleasure seeker or a workaholic, is rich or poor, popular or lonely, indulging in respectable or vile sins. As long as the enemy can keep the humans's focus away from the heavenly Savior, that human was his hostage.

Heavenly angels, standing read to help, are amazed that humans do not pray more, do not seek heavenly help more. The angels stand by, helpless, bot because they have no power, but because humans do not want heavenly direction. They want to do things their own way. In despair the angels watch the defeated enemy gaining hostage after hostage to take with him into eternal death!

Oh how those angels wish they could shout the gospel message to all humans, telling them that they can be free! That they can have everlasting, joyful life, that heaven's commander ransomed them, that hey do not have to be hostages to the enemy any longer. But angel's work is to assist and help humans in telling the gospel news, not to do it themselves, except in a few situations. How frustrating it is to them, to see humans who know the story, but do not tell it to those who have not heard.

Once again time has rolled on, it is now almost 2000 AD. Once again Earth stands at the door of a great climax in the rescue mission.

The Bible says: "I saw another angel come down from heaven, and the earth was lighted up with his glory and he cried, "Babylon is fallen, fallen. Come out of her my people that you be not partakers of her sins and that you will not receive her plagues." (Rev. 18:1-3)

The final events of rescue mission will soon take place. But first the message must blaze forth like a bright light. The angel's are eager to accompany human beings, who are filled with God's Holy Spirit, as they hasten from place to place with the message "Repent therefore and be converted that your sins my be blotted out for soon heaven's Commander will come the second time to take all the ransomed ones home with Him.

These people see beyond the here and now, they see beyond material things, they see beyond their own self centered world, and see what angels have always seen. They see that humans are hostages in a hostile world, they see the wonderful love of Christ, the heavenly Commander in the great rescue mission He has provided and they go out to tell the world that humans can be free through Jesus blood, and have eternal life.

But the devil will be stirred to even greater anger and after the bright light the world will be plunged into a short period of intense darkness. This time of trouble will come with overwhelming surprise. Even now laws are being passed restricting individual freedoms and eroding the bill of human rights. Governments are losing the battle against crime and are legislating laws that allow law enforcers unbelievable power. These laws do little to stop crime, yet there potential to violate personal liberty is tremendous. At the same time the image of the beast, which we understand to be the great religious movements controlling government — is being set up. Both in Protestantism and Catholicism there are tremendous strides in political influence and power. The technology to strictly regulate buying and selling is in place. All that is lacking is some event to trigger the oppressive laws that demand we violate God's law. Once that Sunday law is passed it will be seen who is on the Lord's side and who is on the enemies side.

The time of trouble such as never was will then be upon us. It is the enemies last desperate attempt to keep all humans as hostages and destroy those who cling to Christ and His commands.

And where will the angels be during this time?
They will be at the side of those who are praying. They will come to God's people in prison cells, lighting up the prison walls with heavenly peace and light. They will provide food and water for God's people in the wilderness. They will stand beside God's people in the courts. They will shield them during the plagues.

While the wicked are dying from hunger, pestilence and plagues, angels will shield the righteous and supply their needs. God's people will not be free from suffering, but they will be supported by heavenly messengers.

The trouble time will not be long for soon a small black cloud appears in the east. It is the cloud that surrounds the Savior. Our wonderful Redeemer. It comes closer, becoming brighter and more glorious. Jesus rides forth as a mighty conqueror! With Him are thousands and 10,000 times 10,000 angels. The trumpet blows, the righteous dead rise to everlasting life. All God's children are glorified and made immortal.

Angles swiftly fly all over the earth to gather the ransomed ones. Little children are carried by angels to their mother's arms. Friends and loved ones separated by death are reunited. Then all together, the angels escort the redeemed up into the cloud to be with Jesus. As the great heavenly chariot rolls up toward heaven the angels sing: "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty," and all the redeemed shout," Alleluia!"

This story is not a fairy tale.
It is real.
Christ left His heavenly throne 2000 years ago so that we can ride with Him in that heavenly chariot in a grand victory parade back to heaven. Christ will be the victorious conqueror. Rescue mission will be complete.
I want to be on part of that victory parade with Christ our Lord, don't you.

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