The Pioneer Adventist Writings

"Three Messages of Revelation 14"
by J.N.Andrews

Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14
Entire book on line

The Judgment,
Its Events and their Order
by J.N.Andrews

Chapter One
Investigative Judgment
Chapter Two
Examination of the Books
Chapter 6
The Sanctuary in Heaven

"History of the Sabbath"
And the First Day of the Week"

Part I Biblical History of the Sabbath
by J.N.Andrews
Part II Secular History of the Sabbath
4th Edition enlarged by L.R. Conradi

Seven Reasons for Sunday Keeping Refuted

The Cross and It's Shadow
by Stephen Haskell

The Cross and It's Shadow
Excellent Book!

by John Loughborough

"Last Day Tokens"
Various chapters dealing with the soon Advent, the TIME element (1260, 2300) and the Judgement, etc.

"The Sign of the Remnant"

The Prophetic Gift in the Gospel Church.

"The Civil War in The United States
And EGW's predictions

Divine Predictions Fulfilled
by F.C.Gilbert

Liberating Slaves
Predications and the USA Civil War
God's Work Saved
1891 attempted consolidation crises

by Uriah Smith

A Study on The 144,000
Who are they?

The Seal of the Living God
More on Revelation 7, the sealing, and the 144.000

Answers from the Pioneers

Joseph Bates and the 1335 days

Joseph Bates and the 2300 days

Elder Spicer on the Biblical Sabbath

J.N.Andrews on the Dateline Question

N.D. on the Dateline Question

EGW on the Dayline Question

Bible Adventism
by James S.White
Bible Adventism
The entire book online containing James White's sermons on prophecy and the sanctuary etc.

Other writings by James White

James White and Seven Churches

James White and Seven Seals

Overview of the Seven Trumpets

Seven Trumpets

To Stand in His Lot
Judgment, blotting out sin, Daniel 12:13 "standing in his lot"

James White on the Eastern Question
King of the North? Turks or Papal?

O.R.L. Crozier
The Sanctuary
"Day Star Article of 1846

Consecrated Way
to Christian Perfection
by A.T.Jones
Consecrated Way To Christian Perfection: 1
Christ Our High Priest
Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection: 2
A High Priest-Like Unto Us
Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection: 3
The Great Purpose of the True Sanctuary, and the abomination that makes desolate
Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection: 4
Time of Finishing the Mystery of God: Daniel Eight
Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection: 5
The Cleansing of the Sanctuary
Other 1888 Messages,
by A.T.Jones
1893-Sermon #12
Comparing SDA understand of Righteousness By Faith with Catholic Understanding.

The Glad Tidings: Galatians
by E.J. Waggoner
The Glad Tidings:Chapter 3: Part 1
Redeemed From the Curse

The Glad Tidings:Chapter 3: Part 2
Revelation of the Cross

The Glad Tidings:Chapter 3: Part 3
The law Magnifies the Promise

The Glad Tidings; Chapter 4 (Part 2)
Contrasting the Two Covenants

1891 Studies
by E.J. Waggoner
On Romans
Waggoner and Butler
On Two Laws in Galatians
More one 1888

Righteousness By Faith: Part One
Sermons by Ellen White during 1888 Awakening
Righteousness By Faith: Part Two
Sermons by Ellen White during 1888 Awakening
David's Prayer
Sermon by Ellen White, on Endtime Issue

"E.G. White's comments on the U.S.A.Civil War in 1861-63

Other Websites featuring Adventist Pioneers

J.N. Andrews excellent book on the History of the Sabbath can be found
History of the Sabbath, by J.N.Andrews

Another book by J.N. Andrews on dealing with the Sabbath
Testimony of the Fathers of the First Three Centuries Concerning the Sabbath and First Day

The Two Republics, by A.T.Jones

The complete book by J,N, Andrews--"The Judgment it's Events and Order can be found at
The Judgment, It's Events and Order

The complete book by E.J. Waggoner, "The Glad Tidings, Studies in Galatians" can be found at
The Glad Tidings Studies in Galatians

The Biography of J.N. Loughborough can be found at
Miracles In My Life, Autobiography of Adventist Pioneer J. N. Loughborough

A preview of J.N Loughborough's History Book on Adventism, as well as other Pioneer Resource Material available
The Great Second Advent Movement

For Uriah Smith's commentary on the Prophetic Books of Daniel and Revelation
Uriah Smith's Daniel and Revelation

Online books by and about Ellen White Online Books

Ellen G. White and Her Critics",
by Francis D. Nichol

The "Day Star Extra" article on the Sanctuary by O. R. L. Crozier

F.C.Gilbert, From Judiasm to Christianity
An autobiography

This site has many interesting Books:
Many Books

Historical Books

The next books are not written by Adventist Pioneers, but they are excellent historical books helping us understand "the great controversy".

TRUTH TRIUMPHANT, by Benjamin George Wilkinson, Ph. D.
The Church in the Wilderness

The History of Protestantism, by James Wylie

History of the Jesuits, by J.A. Wylie

The Papacy, It's Genius, Dogmas and Prophecies, by James A. Wylie, LL.D
Alternate link Wylies' book on the Papacy

History of the Waldenses, by J.A.Wylie

The Two Babylons, By Alexander Hislop
The author seeks to prove that Papal Worship stems back to the Worship of Nimrod
This book is now considered controversal

The Life of Luther, from D'Aubigne's famed History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century

History of the Christian Church by Phillip Shaff

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Using J.N. Andrews' Book, "Three Message of Revelation 14:"

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