Spring Festivals (Centering on Christís ministry while on earth)


Deliverance from the bondage of slavery in Egypt.
There the Lamb was slain, itís blood placed on the door posts
The angel of death ďpassed overĒ the houses of those who had blood of lamb applied.

Prophetic of Christ:
ďChrist, our Passover is sacrificed for usĒ(1 Cor. 5:6-8) upon the cross of Calvery

Appropriated in Life:
Deliverance from the bondage of sin. Justification. Repentance, Forgiveness

Deliverance from the final destruction.

Unleavened Bread

After sprinkling blood on their doorpost in Egypt, the Israelites partook of a special meal
of roasted lamb, unleavened bread and bitter herbs.
In later years, the feast of unleavened bread lasted 7 days

Prophetic of Christ:
Christís burial

Appropriated in Life:
burying the ďoldĒ man of sin, who has been crucified with Christ
Partaking of the ďbreadĒ of Christ. The Lordís supper.

Eating the "wedding supper of the Lamb" with Christ in heaven. (Rev. 19:9)

Sheaf of First Fruits


Isrealites received the commission from Pharoah to leave Egypt -
they began their journey, under God's leadership.
Once settled, this was a feast where the "first sheaf" was presented before God,
thanking God for the promise of a good harvest.

Prophetic of Christ:
Resurrection of Christ and His sacrifice being accepted by God.

Appropriated in Life:

Rising to newness of life in Christ and beginning the Christian journey with Christ.


Resurrection of all Christís followers of which Christ was the first fruits.


(Pointing to Christís Ministry in the Holy Place)


50 days after leaving Egypt the Lord appeared to them on Mt. Sinai
Manifesting His is presence in a very real way.
Establishing covenant relationship between God and His people.
Giving them the His commandments
It was also a harvest celebration of the early harvest.

Prophetic of Christ:

Christ enters Holy Place and sends Holy Spirit upon His disciples.

Appropriated in Life:

Empowered by God to walk the Christian journey
with Godís will and God's law written upon the heart and mind by the Holy Spirit
in covenant relationship.


Enjoying Godís personal presence throughout eternity.

Fall Festivals

Dealing with final events in salvation's history
(Christís work in Most Holy and Second Coming)

Feast of Trumpets

Trumpets sound at the beginning of each month
On the seventh month the feast of trumpets called the people
to prepare for the Day of Atonement. A call to prepare for judgment.

Prophetic of Christ:
Seven trumpets of Rev. point to Christís coming work as judge
before the ark of the covenant.

Appropriated in Life:
Consecration, dedication and renewal - a call to take God seriously

When no more judgment is needed

Day of Atonement:


Day for national and individual cleansing,
as well as testing of the whole congregation,
or ďcasting outĒ for those who did not seek cleansing of their lives.

Prophetic of Christ:

Christís work in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary,
the investigative judgment and cleansing of sanctuary.

Appropriated in Life:
Cleansing of soul temple from sin.


Final cleansing and destruction of all sin

Feast of Tabernacles:


Thanksgiving for harvest gathered in.
Rejoicing because of the cleansing given them
and also of Godís care in leading and protecting them
on their journey to Canaan and rejoicing in the promised land.

Prophetic of Christ:

Christ drawing us into an ever more intimate relationship with Him,
cleansing us and bringing us to the REAL promised land
to live with Him forever.
Jesus second coming to receive us unto Himself

Appropriated in Life:
Trusting in Christ to lead us home.
The hope of the soon coming of Christ
and the promise of spending eternity with Him filling us with joy and commitment.


Living in the Heavenly Canaan.

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