The Truth about Ellen White

Zech. 7.12 Yea, they made their hearts as an adamant stone,
lest they should hear the law, and the words which the LORD of hosts has sent in his spirit by the former prophets."

There are always hundreds of "prophets"
that loudly proclaim and prophecy peace when there is no peace,
and they turn with great indignation upon the prophet that
warns and speaks the word of God,
calling sinners to repentance and obedience in the Lord.

The popular religious teachers are the ones who offer
assurance and security and strike no cord of fear in the sinners heart.
Yet, these were never the true prophets in Biblical times.
It was the ones the majority turned against, that were the true messengers from God
with their warning message to turn from sin and prepare for the Day of the Lord..

Much has been written against Ellen G. White as if it were truth,
but what is the real truth?


Issues Concerning a Last Day Prophet

Why Does the Church Need a Last Day Prophet?
Did prophecy cease 2000 years ago?

Bible and the Lesser Light
Bible Only--Can they accept a Modern Prophet's Writings?

Ellen White and the Great Controversy Books
Is the Great Controversy Theme really plagerized?

The charge of Plagiarism
Have the critics been honest?

Comparison study of Desire of Ages Chapter 75
With Frederic Farrar and William Hanna's writings

They say E.White copied Patriarchs and Prophets from Edersheim's "Bible History: Old Testament
Look at what they did to try and make it seem E.White copied all her titles.

Also see this chapter on CREATION comparing Edersheim with Ellen White's book.

Issues Concerning Fannie Bolton's Allegations
Did Fanny write the books?

Issues Concerning Canright's Allegations
Canright is probably the most quoted anti-EGW source, what was he like?

Ellen White's supposed contradictions
A Look at some of these Supposed Contradictions

More of Ellen White's supposed contradictions
Are they really Contradictions?

EGW and Prophecy
Prophecies being Fulfilled

EGW and Personal Prophecies
What about some of those predications she wrote about people?

EGW and the Civil War and slavery
Was she right or wrong?

EGW, cities and earthquakes

EGW and Prophecy
Misc. accusations against EGW and her prophetic gift
Including the allegations against EGW by Lucinda Burdick

EGW and the Amalgamation Statements
Warnings not to be ridiculed!

EGW and the Health Message
EGW's stand on flesh foods.

Visions about Planets
Do they really prove what critics say they prove?

Ellen White and the Apocrypha
Did Ellen White endorse the Apocrypha?

See what these people say about EGW

F.C.Gilbert, and EGW's Civil War Testimony
J.N. Loughborough, and EGW's Civil War Testimony
J.N. Loughborough writes about the Spirit of Prophecy and the Remnant

Go to the White Estate Books on line and read Ellen G. White and Her Critics, by Francis D. Nichol


679 Feb. 5, 2003