Studies in the Book of Daniel

Daniel Two
Sets the stage for the war between the true and false kingdoms
The Mountains that seek to fill the earth
What is the meaning behind "mountains"
Daniel Three
And all must worship the image!
Daniel Four
Nebuchadnezzar's Insanity
Daniel Five
Belshazzar's Feast
Daniel Five - Part Two
Cyrus & The Drying up of the Euphrates
Daniel Six
Facing the Lions
Who was Belshazzar?

The Babylonian names given to Hebrew Youths

Daniel Seven, Part 1
Dominion of Beasts and horns
The Investigative Judgment in Daniel 7
The Son of Man in Daniel 7
Overview of Daniel 7-9

Seeing the sanctuary in Daniel
The Sanctuary in Daniel
Daniel Eight
The Meaning of the Daily and the Abomination
Daniel 8:14 Sanctuary Cleansed

Daniel Nine

Daniel Eleven, Verse by Verse
Daniel 11:38-45 and Daniel 12:1-3
Daniel 12

1260, 1290, 1335 day/years of Daniel 12

1260 day/years

Questions and Answers on the 1260 days
Dealing with Papal Primacy
457 B.C.

Day/Year Prophetic Principle

Issues Raised
On other forums are posted a list of "must prove" issues on Daniel 8, which supposedly Adventists can't answer. This page takes a look at those points.

More on Epiphanes

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