Misrepresenting Ellen G. White

The Real Table of Contents
Comparing Patriachs and Prophets with
Edersheim "Biblical History: Old Testament"

Websites all over the net are posting Walter Rea's work concerning EGW without any regard to truth on the matter. Here is one such exhibit found on bible.ca which was copied from Rea's book, "The White Lie" pages 77-81.

As presented it does look rather incriminating. HOWEVER PLEASE SCROLL PAST, or click here to see

of Ellen White's "Patriach's and Prophets" and of Ederheim's "Biblical History: Old Testament"
You will be shocked and amazed at the misrepresentation put forth in the first chart.

Also we will look at E.G.White's first book on the Great Controversy which came out in July 1864; that is TWELVE YEARS BEFORE Edersheim published his first edition. There we will see that Ellen White had most of her titles ALL READY. So if anyone was plagerizing, we could say Ederheim plagerised from Ellen White!

The real dishonesty in the first chart is the implied assumption that Edersheim had the same chapter titles which E.White supposedly "plagiarized", but you will see that Edersheim DIDN'T EVEN HAVE short chapter titles. Each of his chapters is headed by a summary of the chapter's topics.

Chapter 5 Selective Exhibits (Which Greatly Misrepresents the truth)

Book Written by:

Supposed Source from Which She Drew:

White, Ellen G.

Edersheim, Alfred

Patriarchs and Prophets; Mountain View, California, Pacific Press (1890,1913).

Bible History: Old Testament, vols. 1-4. (1876:1880) Reprint Grand Rapids by Eerdmans 1949. March, Daniel

Night Scenes in the Bible

Philadelphia, Zeigler, McCurdy

Page in 1958 edition (White)

Page in volume 1 (Edersheim)

33 Why Was Sin Permitted?

xi Introduction

44 The Creation

17 Creation

52 The Temptation and Fall

63 The Plan of Redemption

17 The Fall

71 Cain and Abel Tested

23 Cain and Abel-The Two Ways

80 Seth and Enoch

23 Seth and His Descendants

90 The Flood

44 The Flood

105 After the Flood

111 The Literal Week

51 After the Flood

117 The Tower of Babel

57 Babel-Confusion of Tongues

125 The Call of Abraham

72 The Calling of Abram

132 Abraham in Canaan

72 His Arrival in Canaan

145 The Test of Faith

97 Trial of Abraham's Faith

156 Destruction of Sodom

88 The Destruction of Sodom

171 The Marriage of Isaac

106 The Marriage of Isaac

177 Jacob and Esau

106 Birth of Esau andJacob

183 Jacob's Flight and Exile

115 Jacob Is Sent to Laban

195 The Night of Wrestling

132 The Night of Wrestling

204 The Return to Canaan

132 Jacob Settles at Hebron

213 Joseph in Egypt

142 Joseph's Early Life

224 Joseph and His Brothers

161 Joseph Recognizes His brothers

Page in 1958 edition (White)

Page in volume 2 (Edersheim)

241 Moses

35 The Birth and the Training of Moses

257 The Plagues of Egypt

63 The Ten "Strokes," or Plagues

273 The Passover

78 The Passover and Its Ordinances

281 The Exodus

78 The Children of Israel Leave Egypt

291 From the Red Sea to Sinai

89 The Wilderness of Shur

303 The Law Given to Israel

315 Idolatry at Sinai

105 The "Ten Words," and Their Meaning

331 Satan's Enmity against the Law

121 The Sin of the Golden Calf

343 The Tabernacle and

133 The Rearing of the Tabernacle Its Services

359 The Sin of Nadab and Abihu

137 The Sin of Nadab and Abihu

395 The Rebellion of Korah

171 The Gainsaying of Korah

363 The law and the Covenants

114 Civil and Social Ordinances- The "Covenant Made by Sacrifice"

374 From Sinai to Kadesh

156 [March into the Wilderness]

387 The Twelve Spies

163 The Spies Sent to Canaan

406 In the Wilderness

171 The Years in the Wilderness

411 The Smitten Rock

184 The Sin of Moses and Aaron

422 The Journey around Edom 433 The Conquest of Bashan

193 Journey of the Children of Israel in the Land of Edom

Page in 1958 edition (White)

Page in volume 3 (Edersheim)

438 Balaam

11 Character and History of Balaam

453 Apostasy at the Jordan

23 The End of Balaam

462 The Law Repeated

33 The Second Census of Israel

469 The Death of Moses

42 Death and Burial of Moses

481 Crossing the Jordan

53 The Miraculous Parting ofJordan

487 The Fall of Jericho

58 The Miraculous Fall of Jericho

499 The Blessings and the Curses

73 The Blessing and the Curse on Gerizim and Ebal

505 League with the Gibeonites

72 The Deceit of the Gibeonites

510 The Division of Canaan

87 Final Division of the Land

521 The Last Words of Joshua

525 Tithes and Offerings

530 God's Care for the Poor

96 Joshua's Farewell Addresses

537 The Annual Feasts

33 Sacrificial Ordinances

543 The Earlier Judges

105 Summary of the Book of Judges

560 Samson

163 The History of Samson

Page in 1958 edition (White)

Page in volume 4 (Edersheim)

569 The Child Samuel

1 Birth of Samuel

575 Eli and His Sons

10 The Sin of Eli's Sons

581 The Ark Taken by the Philistines

16 Taking of the Ark

592 The Schools of the Prophets

26 Samuel's Administration

603 The First King of Israel

26 The Demand for a King

616 The Presumption of Saul

56 Saul's Disobedience

627 Saul Rejected

56 The Rejection of His Kingdom

637 The Anointing of David

79 The Anointing of David

643 David and Goliath

79 Combat between David and Goliath

649 David a Fugitive

94 David's Flight to Samuel

660 The Magnanimity of David

109 David and Jonathan

675 The Death of Saul

147 Death of Saul

683 Ancient and Modern Sorcery

136 Saul... the Witch of Endor

690 David at Ziklag

136 Capture of Ziklag by the Amalekites

697 David Called to the Throne

147 David King at Hebron

703 The Reign of David

163 David... King over All Israel

717 David's Sin and Repentance

190 David's Great Sin... Repentance


Table of Contents of EGW's 1st --1864-- book on Old Testament History:

Table of Contents of EGW's last --1890--book on Old Testament History:

Ederheim's Table of Contents -- 1876 --

White, Ellen G.

White, Ellen G.

Edersheim, Alfred

Spiritual Gifts Vol. 3 "Facts of Faith in Connection with the History of Holy Men of Old".
originally published July 1864, and photographical reproduced 1945
Edwards Brothrs, Inc. Ann Arbor Mi.

Patriarchs and Prophets; Mountain View, California, Pacific Press (1890,1913).

Bible History: Old Testament, (1876:1887) Reprint 1995 Hendrickson Publisher. This latest, one-volume, edition is a complete and unabridged reproduction of the 1890 seven volume edition.

Chapter in 1864 edition (White)
Written 12 years BEFORE Erdsheim

Chapter in 1958 edition (White)

Chapter in volume 1 (Edersheim)

Preface by EGW, and another by James White


xi Introduction

1. Why Was Sin Permitted?

1. The Creation

2. The Creation

1. Creation-- Man in the Garden -- The Fall

2. The Temptation and Fall

3. The Temptation and Fall

4. The Plan of Redemption

3. Cain and Abel
4. Adam's Life

5. Cain and Abel Tested

2. Cain and Abel -- The Two Ways and the Two Races

5. Seth and Enoch

6. Seth and Enoch

3. Seth and His Descendants--The Race of Cain

4. Genealogy of the Believing Race, through Seth

6. Crime Before the Flood
5. The Universal Corruption of Man -- Preparation for the Flood
7. The Flood 7. The Flood

6. The Flood

8. After the Flood

8. After the Flood

7. After the Flood-- Noah's sacrifice -- Noah's Sin-- Noah's Descendants

9. Disguised Infidelity

9. The Literal Week

10. Tower of Babel

10. The Tower of Babel

8. Genealogy of Nations-- Babel- Confusion of Tongues

9. The Nations and their Religion-- Job
10. The Chronology of the Early History of the Bible--Commencement of the History of God's dealings with Abraham and his Seed

11. Abraham

11. The Call of Abraham

11. The Calling of Abram-- His Arrival in Canaan, and Temporary Removal to Egypt

12. Abraham in Canaan

12. The Separation of Abram and Lot-- Abram at Hebron-- Sodom plundered-- Lot Rescued-- The Meeting with Melchizedek
13. The twofold Promise of "a Seed" to Abraham-- Ishmael-- Jehovah visits Abraham-- The Destructin of Sodom-- Abraham's Sojourn at Gerar

13. Isaac

13. The Test of Faith

14. Birth of Isaac-- Ishmael sent away -- Trial of Abraham's Faith in Command to Sacrifice Isaac-- Death of Sarah -- Death of Abraham

14. Destruction of Sodom

13. Jacob and Esau

15.The Marriage of Isaac
16. Jacob and Esau

15. Marriage of Isaac-- Birth of Esau and Jacob --Esau sells his Birthright-- Isaac at Gerar-- Esau's Marriage

17. Jacob's Flight and Exile

16. Isaac's Blessing obtained by jacob deceitfully-- Esau's Sorrow-- Evil Consequences of their error to all the members of their family-- Jacob Is Sent to Laban --Isaac renews and fully give him the Blessing of Abraham
17. Jacob's Vision at Bethel-- His Arrival at the House of Laban-- Jacob's double Marriage and Servitude-- His Flight from Haran -- Pursuit of Laban, and Reconciliation with Jacob

14. Jacob and the Angel

18. The Night of Wrestling

19. The Return to Canaan

18. Jacob at Mahanaim-- The Night of Wrestling --Reconciliation between Jacob and Esau-- Jacob settles at Shechem-- Jacob proceeds to Bethel to pay his Vow-- Death of Rachel-- Jacob settles at Hebron

20. Joseph in Egypt

19. Joseph's Early Life --He is Sold by his Brethren into Slavery-- Joseph in the House of Potiphar -- Joseph in Prison
2. Joseph in Prison-- The Dream of Pharaoh's Two Officers-- The Dream of Pharoh -- Joseph's Exaltation -- His Government of Egypt

15. Joseph and His Brothers

16. Joseph and His Brothers

21. The Sons of Jacob arrive in Egypt to buy corn-- Joseph Recognises his Brothers-- Imprisonment of Simeon-- The Sons of Jacob come a second time-- Joseph tries his Brethren-- He makes himself known to them-- Jacob and his family prepare to descend into Egypt

Chapter in 1864 edition of EGW's book, written 12 years BEFORE Edersheim

Chapter in 1958 edition (White)

Chapter in volume 2 (Edersheim)

16. Moses

22. Moses

1. Egypt and its History during the Stay of the Children of Israel,
2. The Children of Israel in Egypt-- Their Residences, Occupations, Social Arrangements, Constitution, and Religion-- A new King who knew not Joseph
3. The Birth and the Training of Moses, both in Egypt and in Midian as Preparatory to his Calling

17. The Plagues on Egypt

23. The Plagues of Egypt

4. The Call of Moses-- The Vision of the Burning Bush-- The Commission to Pharaoh and to Israel-- the three "Signs" and their Meaning
5. Moses Returns into Egypt-- The Dismissal of Zippoarah-- Moses meets Aaron-- Their Reception by the Children of Israel-- Remarks on the Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart
6. Moses and Aaron deliver their Message to Pharaoh-- Increased Oppression of Israel-- Discouragement of Moses-- Aaron shows a Sign-- General view and Analysis of each of the Ten "Strokes," or Plagues

18. The Passover

19. Israel Leaves Egypt

24. The Passover

25. The Exodus

7. The Passover and Its Ordinances-- The Children of Israel Leave Egypt-- Their First Resting place-- The Pillar of Cloud and of Fire-- Pursuit of Pharaoh-- Passage through the Red Sea-- Destruction of Pharaoh and his Host-- The Song of the other Side

20. Their Journeyings

26. From the Red Sea to Sinai

8. The Wilderness of Shur-- The Sinaitic Peninsula-- Its Scenery and Vegetation-- Its Capabilities of Supporing a Population-- The Wells of Moses-- Three Days March to Marah- Elim-- Road to the Wilderness of Sin-- Israel's Murmuring-- The Miraculous Provision of the Quails --Manna

21. The Law of God

27. The Law Given to Israel

9. Rephidim-- The Defeat of Amalek, and its meaning-- the Visit of Jethro and its symbolical import
10. Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai-- The Preparations for the Covenant-- The "Ten Words," and Their Meaning

11. Civil and Social Ordinances of Israel as the People of God-- Their Religious Ordinances in their National Aspect-- the "Covenant made by Sacrifice," and the Sacrificial Meal of Acceptance

28. Idolatry at Sinai

29. Satan's Enmity against the Law

12. The Pattern seen on the Mountain-- The Tabernacle, the Priesthood, and the Services in their arrangement and typical meaning-- The Sin of the Golden Calf --The Divine Judgement-- The Plea of Moses -- God's gracious forgiveness-- The Vision of the Glory of the Lord vouchsafed to Moses

22. The Sanctuary

30. The Tabernacle and Its Services

13. Moses a Second Time on the Mount-- On his return his Face shineth-- The Rearing of the Tabernacle Its Services --Its Consecration by the seen Presence of Jehovah

23. Strange Fire

31. The Sin of Nadab and Abihu

14. Analysis of the book of Leviticus-- The Sin of Nadab and Abihu Judgment upon the Blasphemer

32. The Law and the Covenants 15. Analysis of the Book of Numbers--The Numbering of Israel, and that of the Levites --Arrangement of the Camp, and its Symbolical Import --The March
16. The Offerings of the "Princes" --The setting apart of the Levites -- And the Second Observance of the Passover

24. The Quails

25. Miriam

33. From Sinai to Kadesh 17. Departure from Sinai -- March into the Wilderness of Paran -- At Taberah and Kibroth-hattaabah

26. Caleb and Joshua

34. The Twelve Spies Murmuring of Miriam and Aaron-- The Spies sent to Canaan --Their evil Report --Rebellion of the People, and Judgment pronounced upon them --The Defeat of Israel --"unto Hormah"
27. Korah, Dathan, and Abiram

28.Aaron's Rod

35. The Rebellion of Korah

36. In the Wilderness

19. The Thirty-eight Years in the Wilderness-- The Sabbath-breaker -- The Gainsaying of Korah and his associates --Murmuring of the People; the Plague, and how it was stayed --Aaron's Rod budding, blossoming, and bearing fruit

29. Moses Sinned

37. The Smitten Rock

The Second Gathering of Israel in Kadesh-- The Sin of Moses and Aaron --Embassy to Edom --Death of Aaron --Retreat of Israel from the borders of Edom --Attack by the Canaanitish King of Arad

30. Fiery Serpents

38.The Journey around Edom

39. The Conquest of Bashan

Journey of the Children of Israel in "compassing the land of Edom" --The "Fiery Serpents" and the "Brazen Serpent" --Israel enters the land of the Amorites --Victories over Sihon and over Og, the kings of the Amorites and of Bashan --Israel camps in the "the lowlands of Moab," close by the Jordan

Chapter in 1864 edition (Spiritual Gifts) of E. White's book, written 12 years BEFORE Edersheim

Chapter in 1958 edition of
E. White's "Patriach's and Prophets"

Chapter in volume 3 (Edersheim)

31. Balaam

40. Balaam

1. Israel about to take Possession of the Land of Promise-- Decisive Contest showing the real Character of Heathenism-- Character and History of Balaam

41. Apostasy at the Jordan

2. The Prophecies of Balaam -- The End of Balaam -- Parallel between Balaam and Judas

42. The Law Repeated

3. The Second Census of Israel --The "daughters of Zelophehad" --Appointment of Moses' Successor --Sacrificial Ordinances --The war against Midian --Allocation of Territory East of the Jordan --Levitical and Cities of Refuge

32. The Death of Moses

43. The Death of Moses

4. Death and Burial of Moses

44. Crossing the Jordan

5. The Charge to Joshua --Despatch of the two Spies to Jericho --Rahab

6. The Miraculous Parting of Jordan, and the Passage of the Children of Israel --Gilgal and its meaning -- The first Passover on the soil of Palestine

33. Joshua

44. The Fall of Jericho

7. The Prince of the Host of Jehovah" appears to Joshua -- The Miraculous Fall of Jericho before the Ark of Jehovah

46. The Blessings and the Curses

47. League With the Gibeonites

8. Unsuccessful Attack upon Ai --Achan's Sin, and Judgment --Ai attacked a second time and taken

9. The Solomn Dedication of the Land and of Israel on Mounts Gerizim and Ebal -- The Deceit of the Gibeonites

48. The Division of Canaan

10. The Battle of Gibeon --Conquest of the South of Canaan --The Battle of Merom --Conquest of the South of Canaan --State of the land at the close of the seven years' war

11. Distribution of the land -- Unconquered districts --Tribes east of the Jordan -- "The Lot" --Tribes west of the Jordan --The inheritance of Caleb --Dissatisfaction of the sons of Joseph --The Tabernacle at Shiloh -- Final Division of the Land

49. The Last Words of Joshua

12. Return of the two and a half Tribes to their Homes -- Building of an Altar by them --Embassy to them -- Joshua's Farewell Addresses --Death of Joshua --Review of his Life and Work

50. Tithes and Offerings

51. God's Care for the Poor

52.The Annual Feasts

53. The Earlier Judges

13. Summary of the Book of Judges --Judah's and Simeon's Campaign --Spiritual and national Decay of Israel "from Gilgal to Bochim"

14. Othniel--Ehud--Shamgar

15. The Oppression of Jabin and Sisera --Deborah and Barak

16. Midianitish Oppression --The Calling of Gideon --Judgment begins at the House of God --The Holy War --The Night battle of Moreh

17. Farther Course of Gideon --The Ephod at Ophrah --The Death of Gideon --Conspiracy of Abimelech --The parable of Jotham --Rule and End of Abimelech

18. Successors of Abimelech --Chronology of the Period --Israel's renewed Apostacy and their Humiliation before Jehovah --Oppression by the Ammonites -- Jephthah -- His History and Vow -- Successors of Jephthath

54. Samson

19.Meaning of The History of Samson --His Annunication and early History --The Spirit of Jehovah "impels him" --His Deeds of Faith

The Sin and Fall of Samson --Jehovah departs from im --Samson's Repentance, Faith and Death

21. Social and Religious Life in Bethlehem in the Days of the Judges --The Story of Ruth --King David's Ancestors

1864 (Spiritual Gifts)

Chapter in 1958 edition Patriachs and Prophets (White)

Chapter in volume 4 (Edersheim)

55. The Child Samuel

1.Purport and Lessons of the Books of Samuel --Eli --Hannah's Prayer and Vow -- Birth of Samuel --Dedication of the Child -- Hannah's Song

56. Eli and His Sons

2. The Sin of Eli's Sons --Eli's Weakness --A Prophet's Message-- Samuel's First Vision --His Call to the Prophetic Office

57. The Ark Taken by the Philistines

3. Expedition against the Philistines --The Two Battles of Eben-ezer --Death of Eli's Sons, and Taking of the Ark --Death of Eli -- Judgment on the Philisine Cities --The Return of the Ark

58. The Schools of the Prophets

4. Samuel as Prophet-- The Gathering at Mizpeh --Battle of Eben-ezer; Its Consequences -- Samuel's Administration -- The demand for a King

34. Samuel and Saul

59. The First King of Israel

5. The Calling of Saul --Occasion of his Interview with Samuel -- Samuel Communes with Saul -- Saul is Anointed King --The Three "Signs" --Their Deeper Significance

6. Saul Chosen King at Mizpeh -- His Comparative Privacy -- Incursion of Nahash -- Relief of Jabesh-gilead --Popular Assembly at Gilgal --Address of Samuel

60. The Presumption of Saul

7. Saul Marches against the Philistines-- Position of the two Camps --Jonathan's Feat of Arms-- Saul Retreats to Gilgal -- Terror among the People -- Saul's Disobedience to the Divine Command, and Rejection of his Kingdom

61. Saul Rejected

8. Camps of Israel and of the Philistines -- Jonathan and his Armour-bear --Panic among the Philistines, and Flight -- Saul's Rash Vow --The "Lot" cast at Ajoalon --Cessation of the War

9. The War against Amalek -- Saul's Disobedience and its Motives-- Samuel commissioned to announce Saul's Rejection -- Agag Hewn in Pieces

35. David

62. The Anointing of David

63. David and Goliath

10. Samuel Mourns for Saul-- He is directed to the House of Jesse -- The Anointing of David --Preparation of David for the Royal Office --The "Evil Spirit from the Lord" upon Saul -- David sent to Court --War with the Philistines -- Combat between David and Goliath --Friendship of David and Jonathan

64. David a Fugitive

11. Saul's Jealousy, and Attempts upon David's Life --David marries Michal --Ripening of Saul's Purpose of Murder -- David's Flight to Samuel --Saul among the Prophets -- David finally leaves the court of Saul

12. David at Nob -- Observed by Doeg --Flight to Gath --David feigns madness --The Cave of Adullam --Shelter in Moab -- Return to the land of Israel -- Jonathan's Last Visit -- Persecution by Saul

65. The Magnanimity of David

13. Saul in David's power at Engedi -- The Stor of Nabal -- Saul a second time in David's power.

14. David's Second Flight to Gath -- Residence at Ziklag -- Expedition of the Philistines against Israel -- Saul at Jezreel -- He resorts to the Witch at Endor -- Apparition and message of Samuel --David has to leave the Army of the Philistines -- Capture of Ziklag by the Amalekites -- Pursuit and Victory of David

66. The Death of Saul

15. The Battle of Mount Gilboa-- Death of Saul-- Rescue of the bodies by the men of Jabesh-Gilead --David punishes the false Messenger of Saul's Death -- David King at Hebron -- Ish-bosheth king at Mahanaim - Battle between the forces of Abner and Joab -- Abner deserts the cause of Ish-bosheth--murder of Abner --Murder of Ish-bosheth

67. Ancient and Modern Sorcery

68. David at Ziklag

37. The Ark of God

69. David Called to the Throne

16. David anointed King over all Israel --Taking of Fort Zion-- Philistine Defeat -- The Ark brought to Jerusalem --Liturgical arrangements and Institutions

70 The Reign of David

17. David's purpose of building the Temple, and its Postponement --The "Sure Mercies" of David in the Divine Promise --David's Thanksgiving

18. Wars of David Great Ammonite and Syrian Campaign against Israel --The Auxiliaries are Defeated in turn -- The capital of Moab is taken --Edom subdued-- Record of David's officers-- His kindness to Mephibosheth

71. David's Sin and Repentance

Siege of Rabbah-- David's great Sin --Death of Uriah -- Taking of Rabbah -- David's seeming Propsperity -- God's Message through Nathan -- David's Repentance --The Child of Bathsheba dies -- Birth of Solomon.

So you see, they have taken phrases from the "summeries" in Edersheim's book that best match their purpose in trying to accuse EGW of plagerism. Interestingly there are a few cases where EGW's 1864 titles (12 years BEFORE Edersheim's book was written) match more closely with Ederheim's "titles". Click here.
Once again we see that Ellen White is accused of plagiarism simply because she is following the Biblical stories. Ellen White's writings are based upon the Bible, thus anyone honestly writing on these Biblical Stories will have some similar phrases and follow the basic sequence of action found in the Bible.

Now let's look at a whole chapter from Patriachs and Prophets, and compare it to Edersheim's book. The Creation chapter