Salvation and Prophecy in
The Sanctuary Setting

These are some of the talks presented by Ulrike at the campmeeting seminar. They deal on the sanctuary truths and how the sanctuary reveals the full plan of Christ’s ministry, typified by the earthly sanctuary, for the salvation of mankind. They also show how understanding the sanctuary truths guide a person into a correct understanding of prophecy.

First Presentation:

Journey Through the Sanctuary
The sanctuary is the WAY of God, it is the gospel of Christ, it is the walk of Sanctification, it is the reconciliation of man with His God. Journey with Christ through his sanctuary!

Second Presentation:

Seeing Christ's Ministry in Daniel
The Prophecies of Daniel are not built around beasts and historic despots, but they are built around the sanctuary and Christ the minister of the sanctuary.

Third Presentation:

Festivals and the Sanctuary
The festivals which God ordained are actually a grand depiction of the plan of salvation. In the first talk we covered the overall meaning of the festivals and then looked at the Spring Festivals.

Fourth Presentation:

Festivals and the Sanctuary Part II

We have already looked at the "spring festivals" and how they co-relate to the court yard symbolism of the sanctuary. Now we move on Penticost, walking through the Holy Place with Christ, and then on to the Fall Festivals which typify the "Most Holy Place" and finally to the "Promised Land". Also discussed are two added festivals.


Fifth Presentation
we began to compare the festivals with the book of Revelation

Feasts in Revelation, part one

The actual presentations from the remaining week are not formatted to html yet, but much of the material presented is in the following files on my website

The Sanctuary in Revelation

Seventh and Eighth Presentations:

The Sanctuary from the writings of Peter

Ninth Presentation
The Sanctuary in John 5
John combines many of the teachings of Jesus with the feasts He was attending when He taught these things.

Tenth Presentation

Why do we need an Investigative judgment Anyway?
Story of a Judge who executes without an investigation

Questions asked about Hebrews

Does Hebrews say Christ entered straight into the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary?

More files on Daniel, see:

The Book of Daniel