Tillam, The Seventh-Day Sabbath
The Seventh-Day Sabbath

by Tho. Tillam


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The Fifth Head


As the word sabbath signifies holy Rest, so this rest is to be sanctified to the honor of the holy God, by a holy People, in a holy manner. Tis no small mercy that God has winked at the days of our ignorance, while we were weekly wallowing in Sabbath-pollution, and that now he calls upon us to repent, and reform in Sabbath sanctification, (Acts 17:30).

Page 162/132 The Christian Character

The seventh seal being undoubtedly opened, has discovered the seven Pillars of wisdom's house, (Prov. 9:1) i.e. Those seven sorts of officers, (1Cor. 12:29-30)into whose Hearts God will put grace to trumpet forth the glory of the seventh-day Sabbath, whiles faithful souls coming out of their one thousand two hundred and sixty years wilderness condition, leaning upon their beloved, will readily embrace and keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus, (Rev. 12:14,17; 14:12; Song of Solomon 8:5).

Observe here the blessed character of those blessed souls that come flying, as a cloud out of Babylonish abominations to the Windows of the Ark of God. These are "they that keep the Commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus." (Rev. 14:12) Here's the Character of a new Creature, that has a faith working by love, (Gal. 5:6) he knows that circumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the commandments of God. (1Cor. 7:19) All the tongue profession in this World is nothing, all the pretenses of spiritual Sabbatizers with their guilded expressions of living in the bosom of love is nothing, (Matt. 15:8,9). "This is the Love of God, that we keep his commandments and his commandments are not grievous."(1 John 5:3)

Page 163/133 Faithful Followers

To be sure this command of sanctifying God's Sabbath, is not grievous to gracious souls. As the Jews in their return from literal Babylon set to the observation of all they found enjoined them in the holy Scriptures (though some things had been discontinued a long time), So the faithful Christians coming out of mystical Babylon, such as do not only believe in Jesus, but are likewise found with the commandments of God (Neh. 8:8,14,17), those lively oracles, that Israel received from Sinai to give unto us. Wherefore seeing how Antichrist violated the second commandment by his idolatrous images, they first cast out the Idols, and kept the second commandment; they also relinquished the horrible blasphemies of the Beast, and so observed the third commandment. And at last taking a serious view, how Antichrist had changed times as evidently as laws, (Dan. 7:25) they set long since to the sanctification of God's seventh-day Sabbath according to the fourth commandment, upon which the Dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. (Rev. 12:17),

Page164/134 The Seventh Angels Oath

A remnant there was in the Prelates days that endeavoured to keep God's Sabbath amongst his commandments, but the Dragon in Lawn (delicate dress) sleeves was wroth with them, the Proud image of the Beast pushed at them, and undoubtedly whatsoever relic remains of the Beasts image in the present powers, will be putting forth the horn to push at the observers of the true seventh-day Sabbath; whatsoever is of Antichrist in the present Authority, will not, cannot endure to see those times reformed which the little horn has changed.

It is the nature of all Jeroboams golden Calves, not only to observe those times which their Founder has devised of his own heart, but to push at God's people, and impose penalties upon them for observing God's Sabbath. But whiles these go on in sin, and make England to sin, in the weekly pollution of the Lord's true Sabbath, handed from Sinai by Israel unto us, and whiles others have devised an every-day Sabbath to secure themselves under spiritual pretenses, in literal disobedience; the Lord will persuade his precious ones to receive the alarm of the seventh Angel's (Rev. 10:1,7), sounding forth the ancient glory of the Lord's Sabbath, swearing by him that lives for ever and ever, That time shall be no longer. (Rev. 10:6).

Page165/135 Time Restored

Me thinks none should be so simple as to suppose the seventh Angel should put an end to all time, seeing it is evident that his Alarm must yet pass among Many peoples, and Nations, and Tongues, and Kings, (Rev. 10:11). But in swearing that time should be no longer, is meant that the mystery of God by his Prophets should be finished, which is the mystery of iniquity, and the mystery of Israel's glory; and since it is impossible that Sion should be raised, but in the ruins of Babylon after a time, times, and the dividing of time, the seventh Angel means that the time changing horn shall no longer prevail, but the Lord's Sabbath time (Dan. 7:25-27), and the Lord's supper time shall be recovered by the Saints, (Is. 58:12-13) who keep the commandments of God, as well as the faith of Jesus. (Rev. 14:12)

Wherefore awake, arise, and arm your selves, ye obedient souls, to Jehovah’s Sabbath, at the distinct sound of the seventh Angel, who swears for your encouragement, that you shall be no longer deprived of your appointed time, changed and obscured by the mystery of iniquity (Dan. 7:24,25), as the grand construction, and stumbling block to Israel's glory.

Page 166/136 The Sabbath's Dignity

And to quicken your souls to this heavenly royal duty, consider; 'tis the will of that one Royal Law-giver (James 4:12; John. 5:22), who is able to save and to destroy; will you not fear him? will you not tremble at his presence, who has declared himself Lord of the Sabbath? not to break it (no, not in one tittle) but that saints should sanctify it, because it is his will, who will shortly set forth his Royal Majesty in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory, (Matt. 24:30) to take account of all his Citizens, who shew their hatred to him, in slighting that sabbath, whereof he is the Lord (which he has for ever established by a perpetual decree). And what can be expected by sabbath-breakers, when the Royal Lord of the sabbath shall appear: “But those mine enemies who would not that I should reign over them, bring them hither and slay them before me. (Luke 19:27).

Page 167/137 The Christian’s Duty

Happy souls, who shall then be found observing his sabbath, because it is the will of the Royal Law-giver.

Because it is a Royal Law, a lively Oracle, the Christian’s Legacy, a holy, just, spiritual commandment, a perfect Law of Liberty, (Romans 7:12,14) setting the heaven born soul free from that earthy bondage to which dung hill drudges, would willingly be slaves, being then chiefly in bondage, when called from the World to wait upon God. But the soul that is a Saint indeed takes sweet delight in this Royal Law, which not only allows him the open freedom of Jehovah's Courts, his ear, his heart, a whole day together, but sends him away laden with blessings, fraught with spiritual Favours, shaming himself that he can yet be no more like this Royal Lawgiver, in the sanctification of this Royal law, whiles his soul labours to be transformed into the same Royal image (1Cor. 3:18), because it is a Royal Law, and yet

Because it is ordained for a Royal people; For . . .

1) The Lord did not institute it till he had made his Royal image to rule as Sovereign over all his works, and when he had made man, he presently made this royal Law of the sabbath for man, (Mark 2.27)

Page 168/138 True Nobility

2. The Lord did not afterwards dispense this lively oracle (with the rest) till he had prepared a royal people to embrace it, and when he had instructed them as his peculiar treasure, his royal nation of Priests, his Israel (that is in the Hebrew A Prince with God) then he dispensed this Law in great Majesty and glory to them, (Ex. 19:5)

3. He did not bequeath it under hand and seal unto us Christians till he had furnished his new spouse with the glorious graces of his holy Spirit: But when great grace was upon all the Church; And seven men were singled out, the most royally adorned of them all, then the first and most Princely of all these seven was selected (whose name signifies A Crown); And whiles the power of the Spirit appeared in the purest luster: for the vindication of the faith of Jesus, by the Peerless Protomartyr, this glorious deed of gift was made to all Christians by the precious Doctrine of Stephen, who assures us in the word of the Lord, that Israel received the lively oracles from the Mount of Sinai to give unto us, and having declared this blessed truth he suddenly sealed it with his blood. (Acts 7:38)

Page 169/139 Preparation

And now it cannot be but God's royal people should bethink themselves of this royal Doctrine delivered by the first Christian Martyr and as becomes a royal people set to the sanctification of the royal Sabbath of our Royal Lord Jehovah in Jesus the Lord of the Sabbath; And God's Saints shall no sooner search the Scriptures whether this be so or no, but presently they shall be made noble men and women; and when once they are brought into obedience of this (Acts 17:11)and the rest of those lively oracles (which seeming Saints must stumble at) they are presently proclaimed A Royal Priesthood, a chosen generation, a holy nation a peculiar people. (1Peter 2:8,9).

And as they grow up in obedience to Stephen's lively Oracles (all which are set open, especially on God's Sabbath) they shall be transformed into Christ's image and the same Character stamped upon them as once upon Gideon's Brethren; As thou was (Jesus;) so are they each one resembling the children of a King (Judges 8:18): And whiles this royal race are sanctifying the Royal rest of their Royal Redeemer Behold! the Lord his God is with him and the shout of a King is among them. (Num. 23:21).

Page 170/140 Preparation

Now who would not sanctify this true Sabbath, as becomes such a Law, such a Lawgiver, such a people?

1) The way to perform this is by preparation: the Lord our God would have us to remember so to sanctify his sabbath as to remove all impediments that might any way obstruct our solemn celebration.

2)Then away with all your lusts and lovers “I will wash mine hands in innocence so will I compass thine Altar O Lord”. (Ps. 26:6). Sin is doubled on the sabbath day. Sin is sinful at all seasons but exceeding sinful in this final season.

3)Away with all your labours. In it thou shalt do no work, that is no servile, gainful work. Six days thou mayest do all thy work, in six days thou must so finish thy work that the seventh may be wholly designed to My work saith the Lord: whose service is pure freedom. Saints must so leave their labours as Abram left his servants at the bottom of the hill whiles he ascended to sacrifice his son Isaac.(Gen. 22:5)

Page 171/141 No Work

No work may be done in our ordinary callings: unless in case of necessities as soldiers in War, Sailors in their voyages; though I suppose no warrant can be found for setting forth on God's Sabbath.

Physicians Chirurgeons, (Surgeons) Midwives and any other in straits.

(b) Works of Piety:

Ministers may and must labor at all seasons, but especially in this season: I mean Ministers of Christ, who Preach freely and live honourably of whatsoever is freely given: but for hirelings (bargaining Preachers) who pretend to God's work, yet dare not trust him for wages, these do their own works and not God's work, like to the tradesman that labours for advantage, (Micah 3:5,11).

This holy day the poor may be supplied, the sick visited, and a Sabbath days journey lawfully performed; which I conceive is so far as a person may ride or go without toil, to such meeting where his soul may be most refreshed. For where no Law is, there is no transgression. A sabbath days journey in Scripture; the extent of it is left to conscience.

Page 172/142 Pleasures

Convenient food is to be received with thanks, which each sincere Sabbath keeper will remember so to provide and prepare before the Sabbath that his servants souls be not deprived of sustenance by staying at home to provide for his body. We find the Lord of the sabbath content with bread, and his Disciples with ears of corn on the Sabbath day. (Luke 14:1)

As for the Jewish prohibition of kindling a fire, it is not mentioned but in the ceremonial Law and so concerns not Christians who though not in danger of stoning yet I hope will find somewhat else to do then gather sticks on the sabbath.

In brief I doubt not but a person principled with the love of God will so remember to sanctify the sabbath, as to order all his business to be as much as possible in the worship of Jehovah.

4) As we must leave our unlawful lusts and servile labours, so we must part with our own lawful pleasures, and be sure we plead not for any pastimes or whatsoever may please the flesh further then God's word will warrant, and what can please or delight a devout soul like Christ's presence amidst his saints, in the use of gospel ordinances?

Page 173/143

Tis the revealed will of God, that we should turn away our foot from (defiling) the Sabbath, and from doing our pleasures, on his holy day; that we should call the Sabbath our delight, the holy of the Lord, honourable, and honor our God upon it, not doing our own ways, nor finding our own pleasures, not speaking our own words, (Isa. 58:13).

And therefore being thus prepared, by removing all obstructions, making all possible preparations, and being furnished with heavenly directions, let us religiously set to the observation and sanctification of this blessed Sabbath. And upon our entrance into Sabbath duties, If there be the happy convenience of saints that may assemble together (as through mercy is our privilege) when the sixth day is done; then be sure to turn away thy foot from sabbath pollution and being shod with preparation of the Gospel of peace take the wise man's precept, Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God. (Ecc. 5:1)

Page 174/144 Performance

If thou shouldest have no society to sanctify the Sabbath with thee, yet thou canst not want company, having the promised presence of the Lord of the Sabbath, and his holy Angels to attend thee. When thy beloved has been lodged all night, between thy breasts, and thy soul is warmed with his bosom embraces, let not the sun shame thee by his salute, before thou salute they Lord in secret & in the private family (if such advantage be given thee) or else the garden, fields, grove, or water side, may furnish thee with matter enough for meditation. Indeed no place can exclude the Creators glory from a contemplative sabbath keeper. When the doves begin to flee to their windows, let no secret or private duty (much less encumbrance) keep thee from the flocks of Christ's companions, and being assembled stir up the gift and grace that is in thee, till Jacob's ladder, mount thy soul to Jacob's height of admiration; How dreadful is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven, surely the Lord is in this place. (Gen. 28:16,17).

And now let the awful dread of the Lord of the Sabbath (before whose piercing eyes thy actions and affections are naked and open) engage thy soul and body to such a mannerly demeanor as becomes a saint in so great a service.

Page 175 Sabbath Communion

Keep they heart with all diligence because of the Almighty, keep thy body in a comely deportment because of the Angels. (Pro. 4:23) Remember thou art upon a moral duty, wherefore do all things decently and in order (1 Cor.14:40), pray when the saints pray. Saints must be like Aaron & Hur holding up Moses hands, they must be like the heavenly host singing forth the praises of God together; they must do all things as becomes the blessed communion of Saints, & breathe after the fullest communion with God, that is attainable in this state of grace, the communion to be sought by every Sabbath keeper must be,

1. A choice communion, such as the saint must prefer to all enjoyments. Never let the soul think to sanctify God's Sabbath that does not esteem one day in God's courts better than a thousand, (Ps. 84:10). Let him never imagine, his service shall be accepted unless he endeavour (at least) to make a Moses', a Mary's, a David's choice. “One thing have I desired of the Lord that will I seek after” (Psalms 27:4) He that makes such a choice shall enjoy the comforts promised to Christians, that keep God's Sabbath from polluting it, even then (saith the Lord) will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful, in my house of prayer (Is. 56:4-7), God cannot choose but delight in that soul, who makes his choice of Sabbath communion with his Maker.

Page 176 Sabbath Communion

2. It must be a close communion. The Sabbath keeper must be in his Saviour's bosom all the day. O (saith the spouse) that thou wert my brother, that sucked the breasts of my mother - - I would kiss thee (Song of Songs 8:1). It is good for me (saith the Psalmist,) to draw near to God. O Christian keep close and let him not go till he send thee to thy house with a blessing in thine heart.

3. Thou must labour to a clear communion. Content not thy self, till thou seest his power and his glory, as his saints have seen him in his sanctuary (Ps. 63:2). Press after the primitive experience to behold as in a glasse the glory of the Lord, till thou be changed into the same image, from glory to glory, (2Cor. 3:18) even as by the spirit of the Lord. O the clear communion saints enjoyed that blessed sabbath on which the spirit descended! (Acts 2)

4. Thou are invited to a complete communion, “Eat O friends, drink abundantly O beloved.” The saints have fullness of joy in their fellowship with God, (Song 5:1; 1Jh. 1:3-5).

Page 177

5. Thy communion must be constant. Never leave loving thy loving Lord, for he has said “he will never leave thee nor forsake thee;” (Heb. 13:5) the virgins that are redeemed from the earth follow Christ constantly; and shall the love of this world interrupt thy communion with thy God? (Rev. 14:1-4)

That famous Psalm for the sabbath (Ps. 92), sets forth the constancy of saints communion with their God day and might, and let this be the measure of thy souls devotion on the holy Sabbath. And if thus thou obtain a choice, close, clear, complete, constant communion with thy God, I am sure thy communion will be very comfortable, so that having thus sanctified Jehovah’s Sabbath, he will send thee home with a sanctified soul, and renewed strength, wherewith every Sabbath, thy vessel shall be replenished till at last thou shalt enjoy immediate communion with thy God in rest eternal.