The Creator had given them EVERYTHING to make life paradise...
would they listen to His voice, or go to the forbidden tree to listen to another?




That old serpent, called the devil and satan, who deceives the whole world...
                                               said to the woman "Did God say you should not eat....if you eat you shall be like God knowing good and evil....she took and ate, and gave to her husband and he ate." (Rev.12:9 Gen. 3:4-6)




The serpent casts his seeds of DOUBT--

"God isn't fair to you Eve," he insinuates,
"God knows if you eat, and act according to your own will, you will BE LIKE HIM, like God, and He doesn't want that.

You are already wise but you will then be WISER.
Come listen to me, and rise up from under the controlling power of God, and be your own god!

Did God say you would die? No, you won't die."



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