Thus we have 1000's of years in which mankind, listening to lures of the serpent, trys to dominate the earth apart from the Creator and His authority.

                          Four great beasts came up...a lion...a bear...a leopard...a dreadful, terrible beast...are four kingdoms that will arise out of the earth. (Dan. 7:3-7,17)  




Four kingdoms strive for dominion of the earth.

Lion -- Babylon
Bear -- Medes and Persians
Leopard -- Greece
Dreadful beast -- Rome

These empires are fierce military regimes that go forth to gain dominion through bloodshed and destruction of cities, homes and lives.
They topple one another in their quest for dominion.

Each has their system of counterfeit gods which neither created nor sustained life.

It is the old serpent, the devil and satan, that represents himself in these counterfeit gods.

Are they to have dominion of the earth?  


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