This judgment scene in Daniel 7 is all about DOMINION!

dominion...(Dan. 7:6)...dominion...(Dan.7:11)...dominion...(Dan.7:13) ...dominion..dominion..dominion...(Dan. 7:14) ...dominion...(Dan. 7:26)...dominion...(Dan. 7:27)  




Who is the true King of all creation? Does mankind have any claim to dominion over this earth?

No, of himself, mankind has no claim.

They forfeited that claim in Eden

All their strife and vainglory which has left a bloody trail through earth's history,
is depicted in Daniel 7 by beasts of prey out to devour and destroy.

The life God has granted mankind is too often used to rebel against God and to seek to set up a dominion on earth in defiance to God's ways.

The history of the beasts in Daniel 7
are fitting symbolic representatives of the suffering caused by rebellious creatures seeking and fighting for dominion without subjecting self to the Creator.

But wait -- that's not the end!

There is the heavenly court and.........

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