The Meaning of the Sabbath
Is the Sabbath Christ Centered, or Works Centered?

When Was the Sabbath Given?
Was it made for man at creation, or was it just for the Jews?

Books and Articles

The Biblical Sabbath
by W.A.Spicer

Study the book:
History of the Sabbath and the First Day
By J.N.Andrews and L.R.Conradi

A book written in 1657 A.D. by Thomas Tillam
The Seventh-Day Sabbath Sought Out and Celebrated
Or The Change of Times & Laws

Origin of Sunday Observance in the Christian Church
excellent book by W.E.Straw

Issues Dealing with the Dateline

Creation, Science & Dateline
Where was the Dateline at Creation?

E.G.White and the Dayline
E.G.White and the Eden Dayline theory

A Bible Study on the Dateline
From the Bible Echo (an Australian SDA paper) 1902

J.N.Andrews "The Definite Seventh Day"
Dr. Merritt Kellogg's doubts eased

Comments on Pr. Hay's Paper
ďThe date line change in Samoa
Itís implication for 7th day Sabbath Observance

Sabbath in the South Pacific
and the dateline

Answering Questions on Controversial Bible Texts Colossians 2
What was nailed to the Cross?
Let no MAN judge you concerning Sabbath, what does that mean?

Colossians 2 Revisited
Which Sabbath did God ordain?
Which Sabbath came from "elemental spirits"?

Hebrews Chapter Three and Four
The Rest Which Remains

The Historical Sabbath

The Sabbath and the Reformation
How the Sunday/Sabbath issue defeated the Sola Scripture position of the Reformation

The Sabbath Restored
Sabbath, from the reformation to Adventism

Addressing Issues

Is that which is sacred made "unsacred"?
In the beginning God made a day holy. Did He now make "unsanctify" it?

Part 1: Was the Seventh-DAY Sabbath Just a Shadow?
Looking at an article which calls Sabbath a Shadow.
Are Sabbath keepers laboring under a curse?
Part 2
Carrying Burdens on the Sabbath, more on Colossians 2, Romans 14,
Part 3
Does Hebrews abolish the Sabbath?

Part 1: The Sabbath is Dead, Challenges a Catholic writer, and Sunday has taken it's place. But is it?
Are the ten commandments only old covenant?
Part 2:
He claims the Old Testament predicts the demise of the Sabbath-- but does it?
Part 3:
He claims the new testament supports the change to Sunday.

The Sabbath and God's Judgment
Will God really judge us concerning a Sabbath?

The Apocalyptic Seal
The Gospel Seal, the Apocalyptic Seal and the Holy Spirit.

Isaiah's New Covenant Sabbath
Avoid the Lie that Sabbath is not for the Gentiles

Sun worship is alive and well"
Inroads of sun worship in Christianity.

Other Links Videos and DVD's on the "History of the Sabbath from Eden to Eternity"
The Seventh-Day Revelations from the Lost Pages of History


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