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The purpose of this website is to show the Biblical, Christ centered truths of Adventist beliefs. Special attention is given to the great plan of salvation in Christ, whose ministry is illustrated through the sanctuary and issues involving God's people at the end of time.

Main author and designer of these pages is Ulrike .

Sanctuary Seminar
Presentations given at Camp Meeting
This page links you to the talks presented by Ulrike at Camp Meeting, concerning the sanctuary.

The Heavenly Sanctuary
The Sanctuary Truth in Malachi
Nobody expects to see Christ in the Sanctuary?
The Sanctuary in Daniel
See the three phases of Christ's ministry in the sanctuary and the counterfeits on earth to obscure them.
Revelation and the Sanctuary Truth
Revelation Reveals Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary.
Journey Through the Sanctuary
Experience personal meaning in understanding the sanctuary.
The Apostle Peter and the Sanctuary
See the sanctuary in Peter's writings.
Part Two: Apostle Peter Follows the Sanctuary Journey
Peter and the Investigative judgment, as well as judgment and false prophets
The Judgment in John 5
Jesus speaks of the judgments

The Atonement
Questions on the Atonement
Is there more than one atonement? Was the atonement finished at the cross?
The Atonement
Looking at the complete atonement as revealed in the Sanctuary.
The transfer of Sin and the Day of Atonement.
Were sins really transferred into the sanctuary?

The Shut and Open Door

The Investigative Judgment
The Investigative Judgment, Daniel 7
A pictorial study focusing on Daniel 7 and the Judgment scene.

The Investigative Judgment, Job, Moses and the Lamb
If it is FINISHED at the cross, Why is it not over?
Is the Investigative Judgment Biblical?
Yes, It's in the Bible!
Why Have an Investigative Judgment?
Do fair rulers judge without a trail?

Hebrews and the Holies
Are their two apartments in the heavenly sanctuary?
Hebrew's Three and Four
Resting! Rest from what?
Hebrews 1:1-14
And the Trinity

Covenant Issues and the Sanctuary
Old and New Covenants
Exploring the modern interpretation of the new covenant and its affect on the sanctuary doctrine.
Revelation reveals God's Covenant
Studying the Last Day Covenant in Revelation --letting the type explain the antitype.
What Is Holy?
Does the New Covenant make that which was holy, unholy?

Law and Grace Issues
The Cross and the Law
The Law in view of the Cross? What law are we freed from?
What was nailed to the Cross?
God's Wonderful Grace Reveals what really was nailed to the Cross!
The Battle at the CrossWhat are the real issues. Taken from Desire of Ages
The Plan of Salvation
Revealed in the Feasts
21 Answers to 21 Challenges
Answering challenges put on the internet against God's commandments
Biblical Grace
Are Grace and Law at odds with one another?
Commandments in the New Testament
Looking at the Greek words "Entole" vs "Nomos", the love Command, do Jesus and Paul support commandments
The two ditches of Grace and law.
The danger of separating grace from law. Also looking at Romans 6-8
Reformers, Did they Abolish the Commandments?
Quotes from Reformers
The Prophet Jeremiah and His Message
God wants People to Serve Him from the Heart
Ephesians, Ezekiel and THE NEW LIFE

Index Page For articles about the Trinity
Who is Jesus? Who is the Holy Spirit? Why did Christ take on Humanity?
SDA Pioneers and Our Doctrines

Index Page for Pioneer Writings
Read What the Early SDA Leaders wrote:

Andrew/Conradi-- History of the Sabbath
J.N.Andrew's book--Three Messages of Rev. 14
James White's book--Bible Adventism
Also writings from Stephen Haskell-- Cross and It's Shadow
E. Waggoner--Glad Tidings
A.T. Jones--The Consecreated Way
And More-- (Just click on --Index for Pioneer Writings

The Three Angel's and the Investigative Judgment
Did the pioneers link the three angels with the IJ? Are these messages relevant today?
More on the Three Angel's and the Investigative Judgment
A dialogue with one who says the pioneers did not link the angel's messages to the annnouncement of the IJ.

1888 Messages
Main Page of articles from the 1888 period

Righteousness By Faith: Part One
Sermons by Ellen White during 1888 Awakening
Righteousness By Faith: Part Two
Sermons by Ellen White during 1888 Awakening
Jones On Righteousness by Faith
A.T.Jones Sermon comparing true Faith with Catholic Faith
Jones On Finishing the Mystery of God
A.T. Jones Sermon on Righteous in the Sanctuary Setting.

The Seventh Day Sabbath
Answers to Sabbath Challenges
Index Page for articles about the Sabbath

Historical Loss and Change
of True Doctrines
The Mystery of Iniquity
Looking at some of the influences which changed the pure doctrines in the early church.
Sun Worship is Alive and Well!
Sun worship invades the Christian Church.
St. Patrick and the Celtic Church
A historical account of the church and it's destruction by papal design

Reformation Era
The Reformation: Part One
Sola Scripture was their motto; yet History Reveals that Papal Tradition Halted their Success.
The Reformation: Part Two
The Counter Reformation: AntiChrist? Who Could that Be?
A Little More On Luther
Luther's Writings, are they Misused?


INDEX on Studies in Daniel
Daniel's prophecies explained.
Daniel chapter 2, chapters 7-9, chapter 11-12

457 BC and the 490 years
Historical study on the beginning date for Daniel's time prophecies
The 1260 Day/Year Period
What happened in 538 A.D.and 1798 A.D.?
The 1260, 1290, 1335 day/years of Daniel 12
What do these time periods point to?
The Day/Year Prophetic Principle
Well known, Biblical, but under attack.
The Three Angel's Message
The message from Revelation 14 for todays Christians
Second Angel--Babylon Is Fallen

Revelation 12
The Beasts of Revelation
Revelation 13
The Beasts of Revelation
Revelation 17

Seven Headed beasts in Revelation
Meaning of the seven heads
The Sanctuary in Revelation
Revelation reveals the heavenly Sanctuary
The Covenant in Revelation
Focuses on Rev. 4 & 5

Revelation and the Seven Trumpets

The Endtime Drama in Isaiah
Isaiah Five
Avoid the Woes and Pitfalls of the Last Days
Isaiah Eight
Avoid the Confederacy
Isaiah Nine (56 & 58)
Avoid the Lie that Sabbath is not for the Gentiles
Isaiah Ten
The oppresive laws
Isaiah Eleven and Twelve
Christ the Judge and the role of the Remnant
Isaiah Thirteen
Come out of Babylon! Christ's coming
Isaiah Fourteen
The Millennium, Final Revelation of God's Justice and Final Destruction of Wicked

Romans 9-11 verse by verse
Romans 9
They are not all Israel that are of Israel
Romans 10
Israel Needs, but rejects the Gospel
Romans 11
Does Romans 11 predict National Israel will be converted?
The Counterfeit Kingdom
Where will the saints be during the Millinnium?

Endtime Issues
Not a myth,it is coming.
The Real and the Counterfeit
A comparison between "Mary's" endtime predictions and the Great Controversy.
Mary Queen of Heaven, Sun Worship and the Sealing
The Mark or the Seal, the true or the counterfeit?
The Ecumenical Plan
As outlined by Prominent Jesuits
Papal Primacy, that is the Issue
Answers to what happened during 1260 years
Historical Answers to Papal Primacy
Why choose 538 and 1798?
The 1260 years
What happened in 538? What happened in 1798?
The Great Rescue Mission
The Angel's story of the Great Controversy.
Escape for Your Lives
Peter's message for the last days.

Issues on the State in Death, Immortality, Everlasting Life, Hell
Issues on Immortality, Part I
Death as a Sleep, Resurrected at the Last Trump, First Resurrection, Second Death, Immortality
Is It Death and -- or Life?
What is the opposite of life?

What's this About an Everburning Hell?

Issues Concerning a Last Day Prophet
Main Ellen G. White Page

Index Page for David Conklin's Studies on the literary dependency of EGW



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